Welcome to the treetop Cabin

An adventure for life

The tree top cabin has finally become a dream come true!

The first cabin “Ørnablikk” (Eagle eye view) “flyes” about 180m over sea level and has an extraordinary view over the north sea in the west, Bømlo and Stord airport.


Nine meters up in the trees, in the middle of the woods, you can enjoy a safe, cozy, comfortable night in one of the biggest tree top cabins in Norway! After seven intense months of work, and many heavy walks in the woods, we can finally say that the first cabin is now ready for you to enjoy.

Eagle eye view (Ørnabikk)

The tree top cabin is located in “Dyvikesåto” in Stord commune, between Bergen and Haugesund.


The tree top cabin has a great view over the west Norwegian wooden wilderness, mountains fjords and oceans. Here you can come close with nature, the amazing scenery, birds and the animals.


The cabin has been named “ørnablikk” in norwegain,  “eagle eye view”. You can see the woods from the cabin deck from the eagles perspective, and if you are lucky you will also be able to see “king eagle” himself over the treetops around the cabin.