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Rates and conditions


The prices for the cabin to rent varies, The price for your cabin will show when you chose your dates of booking in the calendar.


The price stated is for 4 persons. Additional charges per person ut to 9 persons are NOK 400,-

Normally the fee for the booking is:

Monday to Thursday:

NOK 2900,- per night

Friday to Sunday:

NOK 3500,- per night

School holidays:

NOK 3500,- per night


The lowest age limit for renting the cabin is 25 years old of age. The person who is the tenant, is also responsible for cleaning and any damage of the cabin in any sort. 

If you would like you can purchase bottles of drinking waters for NOK 50,- per bottle (1,5 liters). The bottles will be available to purchase when you arrive the cabin.


The cabin is rusted with firewood for you to use at the fireplace.

Close to the cabin stands a campfire pot that the guests can rent between 1 October and 1 April for NOK 200,- (as long as the fire service allows it).


The campfire pot is locked and can only be used if you follow the guidelines that are looked up closely.


Firewood to both the cabin and the campfire pot is flown in by helicopter and this has a cost.

All prices entered include VAT.


Blanket and pillows are available for you, but you need to bring your own Linen.


You can rent linen for NOK 100,- per set, they will be handed out in a box approx. 50 meters up the trail from Dyvik..



The cabin will need to be cleaned after each rental. You can clean the cabin yourself according to the instructions, or you can hire us to do the cleaning for you.

There will be an inspection after each rental, therefore, if the cleaning does not meet the cleaning standards that have been provided, there will be a fine of NOK 2 000,-

Good to know

Your stay is very important to us. Therefore we will let you know what to bring as well as what not to bring, and you can let us know what you would like us to prepare for you.


The cabin is rusted with a great kitchen, with all you need included kitchen towels and cloths. Everything is ready for you to use.


Often in a tree house, the bathroom is one of the things that does not exist. But this tree house is one of a kind. With a toilet and shower, and we also have a second outdoor toilet (old style type), outside of the cabin. There is toilet paper for you to use. The water is recirculated rain water, but it is recommended not to drink. The water is fine as washing and showering water. You can also use the water for preparing food if you boil first.


Its very important that you have a good time with plenty of good food and drinks, and it is of course legal to bring alcohol with you. But for us its also very important that you and your fellow guest dont consume too much alcohol when it comes to you and your safety regarding fire and other type of accidents. Remember, you are your own firemen until the real firefighters arrive. And that can take a while. We dont allow reckless "drinking parties" at the cabin.


The cabin and the area around it is very important to us, therefore it is also very important that you and your guests keep the area free from garbage and take good care of the cabin and the area around.


Before you leave the cabin, it's important that you clean the fireplace, fridge and all the draws. Please remove all food in the kitchen before departure. Your garbage and empty bottles shall be left in the containers in “Dåfjorden” or, the containers at intersection at to Stord airport.

Check in and Check out

Check in to the cabin is 1600pm and checkout is 1300pm


During covid19, one of our Co-walkers will clean the cabin and make the cabin ready for the next visitors. The covid instructions are very important to us, and we do our best to sanitize each cabin in preparation for the next visitor. Therefore it will be an extra cleaning after you have cleaned it before you leave.


The cabin brings great pride for us, and the area around it is most precious, therefore we hope that you will treat the cabins and the surroundings as kindly as we do.


The cabin shall be left the same way that you received it, clean and ready for the next guest.




Canceling 31 days ahead of visit: full refund minus NOK 500,- fee

Change of dates Is free of charge if the prices are the same for the dates you wish to change to.


Canceling 31 to 14 days ahead 50% refusion.

Canceling less than 14 days prior the stay, 0% refusion 


Canceling because of illness or sickness, please contact your traveling insurance.

In the event of strong winds/storms, we may have to cancel the stay.

We have guidelines that we follow in relation to what and how much wind it can be to spend the night in the cabin. This occurs very rarely.


In case of cancellation from our part due to extreme weather forecasts, the guests can choose between having a new night in the cabin on a late occasion. or the amount refunded. 

Here is a checklist of wash and cleaning after your stay

For you who has paid a cleaning fee
For you who hasn´t paid a cleaning fee

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