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Rates and conditions


The prices for the cabin to rent varies, The price for your cabin will show when you chose your dates of booking in the calendar. The rent is for the cabin and not per person.

Normally the fee for the booking is:

Monday to Thursday: NOK 2900,- per night

Friday to Sunday: NOK 3500,- per night

School holidays: NOK 3500,- per night


The lowest age limit for renting the cabin is 25 years old of age. The person who is the tenant, is also responsible for cleaning and any damage of the cabin in any sort. 

If you would like you can purchase bottles of drinking waters for NOK 50,- per bottle (1,5 liters). The bottles will be available to purchase when you arrive the cabin.


The cabin is rusted with firewood for you to use at the fireplace.


Blanket and pillows are available for you, but you need to bring your own Linen.  



The cabin will need to be cleaned after each rental. You can clean the cabin yourself according to the instructions, or you can hire us to do the cleaning for you.

There will be an inspection after each rental, therefore, if the cleaning does not meet the cleaning standards that have been provided, there will be a fine of NOK 800,-

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